Everyone has, at some point or another, experienced cravings. It is a universal phenomenon, and while people may not easily define it, everyone generally knows what it is. “Craving is a strong desire that is unfulfilled, produces a powerful physical and mental suffering. Every person has experienced this suffering at one or another, but when these feelings endure or recur frequently, they can be the source of much misery. We can say that cravings are at the heart of all addictive and compulsive behaviors. Understanding of how and why we crave is very much important. If a craving were just an innocuous thought, you could simply wait for another thought to take its place, think about something else, or distract yourself and it would pass like any other thought.


Cravings originate in the brain, and behaviors can and do change the brain. Our actions, experiences, and thoughts produce changes in areas of the brain that are responsible for craving, choice and decision making. Cravings matter because they have the potential to lead to behaviors that undermine success, contentment, and joy. They can wipe out months or even years of hard work. They can lead people throw away all the things that really matter to them in exchange for a short-term fix that is often over before it even starts. Their powerful, unexpected and seemingly out of control nature make them more difficult to deal with. 3 major reasons cravings should be managed effectively. First cravings are correlated with relapse. People who crave more are more likely to return to the craved substance or behavior. Second, cravings are distressing and uncomfortable. People who have severe cravings will often describe them as maddeningly uncomfortable. And finally cravings matter because they can be affected, they can be improved, they can be relieved. But for you they are most important because they are yours. They are deeply personal. If you want to manage your cravings, first you have to understand what your cravings are. They matter because you alone are experiencing them, they are influencing your behavior, and your actions can directly influence them. You are not hopeless when it does not come to your cravings, nor you are destined to experience them forever.

One specific action took place when you crave is, your brain starts lying to you. One important function of the brain is to give you accurate information about your surrounding so you can function in the world. Another brain function is to lie to you. When a person crave, it operates through false beliefs. It is very much important for people to believe they are in control of their actions, that it seems impossible for them to accept that they might be influenced by circumstances beyond their control.

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