In recovery from alcohol or drug addiction, one has to achieve various milestones. These are the goals and objectives that one sets for themselves that represent the turning point in their lives. They keep people going in the right direction and are therefore an essential part of recovery. In dealing with a problem that affects a person’s life, whether it is related to addiction or any other issue;the process of goal setting assumes a vital role. People who have clear objectives in their lives not only feel more purposeful but are more likely to make successful changes in their lives.


Addiction treatment provides recovering addicts the opportunity to follow a new path in their life which they did not believe possible. It instills them with hope and enthusiasm regarding their future. Immediately following the period of active treatment, the recovering patients may be faced with uncertainty regarding their future for a considerable period of time. Boredom and aimlessness may To navigate this period of uncertainty, it is necessary to establish objectives that not only keep one aligned with the process of recovery but also helps them reintegrate into everyday life. Goals provide individuals something to aim for and the sense of accomplishment that comes from achieving them, helps keeps them motivated. In addition, achieving goals also plays a role in increasing people’s self-esteem and confidence.

Being in recovery means more than just abstaining from alcohol or drug usage. It involves striving to realize one’s full potential and consciously working towards health and wellness. The process of recovery requires identifying the objectives that they want fulfilled and framing a plan of action for achieving them. Goal setting in recovery requires people to think about their personal aspirations and how they can systematically work toward achieving them. In constructing a comprehensive action plan for recovery, it is important to establish and prioritize goals for recovery. There are certain specific goals that are common amongst those in recovery. An objective of particular significance for people in recovery is to overcome the character flaws that made them vulnerable to getting caught in the problem of addiction. This includes traits such as impulsiveness and the inability to delay their level of gratification. Another important goal is to rebuild the relationships that were damaged during the period of active addiction. On a long term level, getting back the things that they lost during addiction and active drug usage is an objective shared by most people in recovery. This may include their education, employment and relationships which were adversely affected by their drug consumption. Following the process of treatment those in recovery may also need to make systematic efforts for finding productive things to do in their life which occupy the vacant space that drugs left behind.

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