It is not just the act of setting goals that can help people affect a change in their lives. An ill-conceived goal can actually hamper the process of meeting one’s objectives. In formulating effective goals for recovery, many different variables have to be taken under consideration. Though these goals tend to vary from person to person, the most comprehensive ones share similar attributes that typically follow the S.M.A.R.T framework. This refers to the fact that these goals must be, specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely.People are only bound to set themselves up for failure if they construct unattainable and vague personal goals. In recovery from addiction, people need to be very careful in setting up realizable goals for themselves as they are more sensitive to stress. It has to be made certain that undue distress is not caused by a failure to accomplish objectives that were unrealistic to begin with.


Setting realistic and achievable goals is one of the fundamental components of long-term success in recovery.You cannot get where you are trying to reach until you clearly define where that is.Goals need to be such that they stretch us, but are realistically within the scope of our influence. When we have a clear idea of what our objectives are, we can efficiently allocate our attention, time and resources on accomplishing them. If someone’s goal in recovery is unrealistic or not well defined, then they are beginning things with an immediate handicap. An effective way in which to determine if a goal is within our realistic grasp is to assess if others have reached it.

If we know that someone else has managed to accomplish a particular goal in recovery, it is entirely possible that we can achieve it as well. In order to meet the goals of recovery, it is necessary is to model the behavior and belief of those who have achieved the same goals. It is important to gauge one’s own strengths and limitations and utilize feedback in a constructive manner.We have to question and research information that can help us in achieving our goals.

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