Offers Structure and Routine
A daily exercise regimen helps recovering patients establish a routine and add structure to their life. A person suffering from addiction may have long lacked both these aspects in their life while they were actively engaged in drug usage. Instead of a feeling a void in their lives after leaving drug usage and wondering what to do next, a regular routine of exercise can serve as a means of developing new habits and adopting a more healthy way of life. The discipline that it brings to life can carry over to other areas of life and make it easier to reduce drug intake.


Functions as a Coping Mechanism
Regular exercise can substitute drugs and alcohol as a means of reducing stress or alleviating anxiety. Instead of turning to drug intake to deal with their negative emotions, people can learn to turn towards a more productive activity of exercise. Exercise alters the way in which the body processes the stress hormone cortisol and allows people to endure greater levels of stress. Much like deep breathing, relaxation exercise and meditation that people use to cope with stress in their daily lives, exercise may serve as a healthier option for coping than drug or alcohol use.

Reduces Anxiety and Stress
Regular exercise and physical activity has the capacity to lessen the amount of stress and anxiety that is experienced by recovering patients. The feel-good chemicals that are produced in the brain through physical activity can also play its role in regulating the mood of those recovering from drug addiction.

Enhances Self-Esteem
A potential benefit of exercise can be that it increases a person’s self-esteem. Engaging in the problem of drug addiction may either be a direct consequence of, or cause a reduction in someone’s sense of self-worth. Either way, the self-esteem and confidence of individuals who are suffering from the problem of addiction can often be at an all-time low.Physical exercise can increase a recovering patient’s level of confidence in multiple ways. It can come from the improved physical appearance that exercise typically produces, or the happier state that it places people in. Finishing a workout session can provide people the immediate reward of knowing that they have completed something and offer a sense of accomplishment.

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