People do what works.Identify the payoffs that drive your behavior and that of others. Control the pay offs to control your life.The things you repeatedly do, without even thinking through. These things are done because at some level a particular payoff is perceived by you. You must apply this truth at the most literal level, if you are engaging in some behavior or pattern of behavior, you must assume that no matter how strange or illogical it may seem, you are engaging in it in order to create some result that you want. If you want to stop behaving in certain way, you must “stop paying yourself off” for doing it.


If you want to influence the behavior of others, you must first understand what they perceive to be reward for this behavior and then if you can control those rewards making them contingent upon the performance of the desired behavior.You need to identify pay offs that you were having from using drugs and need to change those pay offs and instead work on pay offs which you would have without drugs.

You cannot change what you do not acknowledge.Get real with yourself about your life and everybody in it. Be truthful about what isn’t working in your life. Stop making excuses and start making results.If you hope to have a winning life strategy you have to be honest about where your life is right now. You can affirmatively misrepresent the truth, or you can lie to yourself by omission. Perceptual defense is a mechanism that protects us from those things that our minds at some level, determine we cannot handle or which we do not want to face.

Perceptual defense does not always work to good, it’s not confined to being self-protective. Sometimes it keeps you from seeing things that you need to see to correct them but you do not want to see. This life law is useful in addiction and recovery in such a way that unless you accept problem you would not be able to bring change.

Life Rewards Action. Life rewards action not intention, not insight, not wisdom, not understanding.Make careful decisions and then pull the trigger. Learn that the world couldn’t care less about thoughts without actions. The responses and results that you receive from others are triggered by the stimuli through your behaviors you provide in a particular situation. When you choose the behavior, you choose the consequences.

The better the choices, the better the results; the better the behavior the better the results. In short, life rewards action. Start by committing to measure your life and its quality based on results, not intentions, measuring success of failure purely as a function of results means that you are taking a hard-nosed bottom line approach to self-evaluation. The time honored formula for taking purposeful action goes like this: BE committed Do what it takes, and you will have what you want. The present Life Law deal with DO. This life law is very helpful in recovery and life after rehab, unless you will not do any action, you will not be committed to your recovery till than you would not have results.

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