Relationships that have been broken by drug addiction are one of the biggest challenges a person faces, when beginning the recovery process. It’s become difficult to rebuild trust and forgiveness into a relationship. Healing relationships takes time. It is important for both people in the relationship to be patient. An Addict in recovery has to change his behavior to show that he is not continuing his past negative habits, and the loved one has to learn how to trust the person again; this is often a very slow process that requires a lot of work.

Relationship Building

According to National Survey on Drug Use and Health found that 23.1 million Americans aged 12 and older were struggling with an alcohol or drug use problem that needed treatment. But only 2.5 million received treatment. Getting help with a drug or alcohol problem is an important initial step for a person to take to get back control of his life, yet it is only the beginning of the recovery process. Along with avoiding substance abuse and developing a healthy lifestyle, the patient will also have to work on his relationships with the people around him.

Developing a relationship with yourself becomes natural when you are helping others in recovery, living with real purpose, and creating a powerful new life for yourself. When a person completed his addiction rehabilitation program, he will realize many aspects of his life which have changed. He might need to find a new job, new hobbies, and new locations to spend his time. The major change he might face in his life after rehabilitation is in relationships with loved ones. Because addictions can make a person treat his loved ones badly, many people in recovery are anxious of how to restore damaged relationships. That’s why it’s important to approach post-rehabilitation relationships with extreme care. During recovery if you want to improve your relationship then you should develop new skills but most of them learn relationship skills their own at home which are not good. You should consult with your therapist and follow his suggestions.

Recovery and relationship experts offer some suggestions to rebuild relationship.

• In early recovery you can go for Couple Therapy sessions so you can start rebuilding your relationship as you learn to live sober.
• In recovery when you are dealing with trying to trust yourself, your partner is working on trusting you again too, Primarily, it may seem difficult, but not impossible. For respect, trust, and love to be re-established. It might help to create a system that works for both of you and agree to honor it.
• Your partner needs to hear and know from you that you accept complete responsibility for all the things you have said and done as part of your addiction. This does not mean that you are absolved or that your partner will necessarily forgive you, but it does show your loved one that you are taking a crucial step toward repairing and rebuilding your relationship.
• In recovery, you can work on unburdening yourself of the guilt, shame and regret over your past deeds.
• You can also use writing as a way to communicate with your partner. If you are finding it difficult to talk through what you want to say, you’re definitely not alone. After months or even years of emotional pain, frustration and rage, as well as lying and hiding, it can be very difficult to switch gears and become open and communicative almost overnight. If talking about tough issues is too hard at first, write it down in a letter. Once the two of you have begun communicating through letters for a while, it should become easier to have face-to-face discussions.

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